Which Pickup/Preamp Is Right For You?

We’re going to take a look at the features of each of the preamp systems we offer in our guitars. First we’ll take a look at what each one has, then we’ll talk about the advantages of either system. Edge Z Preamp $79.99 (stand-alone price; this unit is only available as a stock option on […]

Guitar Tips & Tricks: Visualizing Chord Shapes and Arpeggios

So far in these blog posts I’ve been going through a good bit of music theory, and explaining my method for visualizing the fretboard. I believe one of the key components that has improved my lead guitar work, and my songwriting in general, is working with chords. The biggest strides that I’ve made have come […]

Guitar Spotlight: Eos 2S0

By: Josh Lucas This is my favorite of the Spalted Maple crew, and I’m going to be honest–it’s specifically because of the looks. The curves of the Eos with the unpredictably beautiful look of spalted maple? Yes, please. I don’t think I’m the only one listening with my eyes, here. Almost everyone who buys one […]

4 Guitars For Acoustic Rock

By: Josh Lucas We were over here at the shop thinking of some new blog ideas when Andrew came to me with a killer idea: we pick the top 4 guitars for a specific genre of music.  Since there’s no stone musical stone left unturned for me, this seemed like a lot of fun–and a […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 112

By: Josh Lucas Three words come to mind to describe our flagship Freja 112: depth, dependability, and tone. It’s got the tonewoods you’ve grown to love and depend upon–rosewood back and sides and a solid spruce top. It’s got the reliability of a laminate back and sides, but it’s also got tone that you’d only […]

Guitar Spotlight: The D 110

By: Josh Lucas I’m going to start this off by saying the opposite of what I think Andrew would want me to say. I did not want to like this guitar. I’ve already got an American-made Dread, which costs about 3x as much as this guitar, has all solid wood, all the great things we […]

The A Minor Pentatonic Scale!

Most everyone is familiar with the scale pattern located at the fifth fret in this key. Let’s bust out of that box, and check out a few others in our journey to fretboard mastery. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at josh@andrewwhiteguitars.com and I’d be more than happy to talk with you […]

Guitar Spotlight: Eos 112 NAT

Check out the Eos 112 Nat right here! By: Josh Lucas Ah, the Eos 112. This was the first guitar I picked up when I came to the shop to do a video for  part of my instructional video series that is available through our online lessons platform. You already know what you’re getting with […]

Guitar Spotlight: Cybele 100 NAT

Cybele 100 Spotlight By: Josh Lucas The Cybele 100 is a fantastic instrument that you can get at a ridiculously low price with the deals that we have going on right now. We’ll get into the reasons why in just two paragraphs (promise) but first, let me fill you in on how I chose to […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 1013

By: Josh Lucas When we put out our last newsletter Andrew said to me, “Hey Josh, why don’t you write your own Guitar Spotlight on the Freja 1013? I think the magazine review is great, but I want people who are interested in our guitars to know what you think.” As soon as I got […]