Daily Tapping Warmup

By: Josh Lucas

I’ll not waste any time, folks–let’s get right to it!

Don’t be intimidated by this little two-handed technique–after all, chances are your strumming hand is your dominant hand, and not only that–piano players use this hand all the time.

That means we can, too! In this video, I’ll break down tapping, and we’ll get started with some ideas that, with a little practice, anyone can play.

Now, even though we’re learning to tap with the right hand, we have to get our left hand in shape. If yours isn’t, check out my lesson on developing your left hand right here

The way I think of tapping, at least in its most widely used “EVH” sort of form–it basically allows you to easily add another note into your lines that you otherwise might not be able to reach. Additionally, tapping makes it possible to play some blazing fast runs more easily. More importantly, it’s another tool of creativity for you to add to your palate. It has its own unique tone color compared to other ways of fretting and playing the notes.

Anyway, let’s get to it.