Guitar Spotlight: Eos 102

By: Josh Lucas In many ways the Eos 102 is an unsung hero in the Andrew White Guitars lineup. It’s one of the least expensive models, and even slightly less expensive than our 112 flagship line.  While it may not be the first to jump out to the guitar connoisseur, the fact that it will […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja Double Top

By: Josh Lucas Check out the guitar right here. You already know you love the Freja’s balance, clarity, and versatility. Maybe you’ve been to the website, and you’ve seen the Freja double top and wondered, “Double top–what?” What’s a double-top? Here’s what Paul at Woolson Soundcraft had to say. “The concept of a double-topped guitar […]

Guitar Tips and Tricks:Technique Pt. 1 – Legato

By: Josh Lucas I love legato!  But more importantly, developing your left hand is fundamental for many techniques. I’d like to start showing you ways to strengthen your left hand, and also make it more efficient so that you can play some cool legato lines–even on an acoustic guitar.  Not only that, but a strong […]

Guitar Tips & Tricks: Intro to Alternate Tunings: Drop D

By: Josh Lucas If there’s one thing I know about acoustic guitarists, it’s that we love messing around with different tunings. Whether it’s to suit our voices, or just to come up with some new colors in our compositions, this series is going to take a look at different tunings that are commonly used on […]

Guitar Tips & Tricks: Harmonic Minor

By: Josh Lucas Tips and Tricks: The Harmonic Minor Scale We’re going to take a look at the harmonic minor scale, and how it differs from the natural minor scale. Does it sound like I’m speaking in a foreign tongue to you? That’s okay, because I’m going to give you examples that will help you […]

Tonewood Spotlight: Dao

We’ve pretty much got a guitar for everyone here at Andrew White Guitars. But there’s one that always surprises me with its pleasing tone and absolutely unique looks. Let’s take a moment to look at one of our prettiest, and one of our best-selling tonewoods–Dao. The attractive grain speaks for itself, and with the abalone […]

What Strings Should I Use?

One question that we are asked all the time is, “What strings should I put on my Andrew White Guitar?” The thing is, that’s such a tricky question to answer accurately and honestly. The right string for one of us here at the shop might not be the right string for you. Our guitars come […]

Guitar Spotlight: Master Craft Oak Cybele

By: Josh Lucas Check out the guitar here. You know, oak is far from being the most glamorous wood. In fact, when we first got the ones in, I thought to myself, “Oak?”  Even Andrew said, “People see this wood on their deck, or they use it for trim–I’m worried that they won’t take a […]

Andrew White Guitars Inspire Academy

Meet two of our talented instructors–Brandon Arnold, and Josh Lucas. Brandon is a graduate of Musician’s Institute, and Josh of Fairmont State University. Both have been teaching guitar ever since, and have inspired numerous guitarists along their journey. If you’ve recently purchased an Andrew White Guitar, take advantage of these free lessons![…]

Strategies for the Dreaded Spousal “NO”

Andrews “Top Ten” Strategies for the Dreaded “Spousal No!” The team and I hear it via chat and on the phone all the time.  Things like, “Andrew, I really want the Freja 100BV, but I’m getting “the look” every time I mention it.” No worries.  There are ways to handle these things.   There are things […]