Guitar Spotlight: Freja 2A2

Oh man, you’re in for a treat with this guitar! This guitar never stays in stock long. One of our most stunning production models, this beautifully stained quilted ash shred machine is all you could ever want in terms of show-stopping, eye-catching appeal. Not only does it look great, but Ash imparts a well-balanced and […]

Tips From The Tech: How To Change Your Guitar Strings

I believe Brandon has all the explanation necessary in the video here![…]

Beginner’s Guide To Jamming: The E Blues Scale

By: Josh Lucas Just a quick mission statement: the reason why it’s called a beginner’s guide to jamming is because I’m giving a couple of quick easy scale patterns, and a couple of examples. I’m not going to get heavy into theory on these particular blog posts, but it’s some stuff that you can take […]

Guitar Spotlight: EOS 2S2

By: Josh Lucas Without repeating too much of what I’ve said in the past–that maple is actually a more well-balanced tonewood than your eyes would lead you to believe, and that the EOS is by far my favorite body shape–I’m going to try to give you an overview of the EOS 2S2 and what makes […]

Brandon’s Complete Beginner’s Guide To Guitar!

Watch this before you take your first lesson! Watch it before you pick up your guitar! There are some tips and tricks here that are so fundamental that they can help any player. So, advanced players take note–because if you haven’t made progress in a while, chances are you need to get back to your […]

Guitar Spotlight: The Freja 2010

By: Josh Lucas For the past month or so, I’ve been lucky enough to have been playing a Freja 2010 that’s never made it out of our shop in Morgantown. I’ll not throw anyone under the bus, but this one was forgotten about and left somewhere it shouldn’t have been. Long story short, it ended […]

Beginner’s Guide To Jamming: The Blues

By: Josh Lucas Why the blues? Why does nearly every guitarist have something to say about the blues? More importantly, how can we have so much to say OVER the blues? Over those same three chords? Let’s take a look and see what we can say over those chords! Let’s pick a key, and by […]

Our Nylon String Crossover Models: A Closer Look at the Cybele 1310C, and Cybele 312C

By: Josh Lucas You may be wondering, “What’s a crossover guitar?” Well, the answer is probably the one you’ve got in the back of your head–It’s a nylon-string guitar for players who are used to steel-string acoustics, or electric guitars. So why get a crossover rather than a traditional classic guitar? What’s the difference? A […]

Guitar Spotlight: Oddball Guitars

There are a couple of guitars we have lying around here at the shop that deserve a little love. First off, we’ve got two beautiful acoustics that are typically only offered outside the US. The first is the Freja 2F0, an all flamed maple beauty that sounds amazing. Maple gives this guitar a warm, well-rounded […]