Beginner’s Guide To Jamming: The Blues

By: Josh Lucas Why the blues? Why does nearly every guitarist have something to say about the blues? More importantly, how can we have so much to say OVER the blues? Over those same three chords? Let’s take a look and see what we can say over those chords! Let’s pick a key, and by […]

Our Nylon String Crossover Models: A Closer Look at the Cybele 1310C, and Cybele 312C

By: Josh Lucas You may be wondering, “What’s a crossover guitar?” Well, the answer is probably the one you’ve got in the back of your head–It’s a nylon-string guitar for players who are used to steel-string acoustics, or electric guitars. So why get a crossover rather than a traditional classic guitar? What’s the difference? A […]

Guitar Spotlight: Oddball Guitars

There are a couple of guitars we have lying around here at the shop that deserve a little love. First off, we’ve got two beautiful acoustics that are typically only offered outside the US. The first is the Freja 2F0, an all flamed maple beauty that sounds amazing. Maple gives this guitar a warm, well-rounded […]

Beginner Guitar: 3 Useful Ways to Play a G Chord

By: Josh Lucas You’ve heard the saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” right? Well, there’s more than one way to play a G chord. In fact, there’s more than one way to play the same exact one. Why? Well, what’s the toughest part about changing chords? For most people it’s rearranging […]

Tips From The Tech: Getting The Buzz Out Of Your Bridge

By: Josh Lucas Hey folks, I’ve actually been working more with our Tech Brandon lately. He’s been showing me some of the little ins-and-outs and life hacks that make his life easier here at the shop, and ultimately make all our lives easier as players. One issue we’ve got comments about that’s usually very easy […]

Tonewood Spotlight: Pau Ferro, Ebony, and Rosewood

By: Josh Lucas “I don’t usually like a light colored board, but I really like the way the grain and figure turned out on this one,” my friend Shannon said as he eyed the Pau Ferro fretboard on a Cybele 102 NAT. It’s true for me, too. I like the look of a pitch-black ebony […]

Visualizing Chord Shapes & Arpeggios Pt. 2: Inversions

By: Josh Lucas Visualizing Chord Shapes & Arpeggios Pt. 2: First Inversions So this time we’ll be doing a little extra work, since working with inversions is in many ways a review, and since as we’ll learn that not all inversions can be easily looped, there are only a few that I use as a […]

Which Pickup/Preamp Is Right For You?

We’re going to take a look at the features of each of the preamp systems we offer in our guitars. First we’ll take a look at what each one has, then we’ll talk about the advantages of either system. Edge Z Preamp $79.99 (stand-alone price; this unit is only available as a stock option on […]

Guitar Tips & Tricks: Visualizing Chord Shapes and Arpeggios

So far in these blog posts I’ve been going through a good bit of music theory, and explaining my method for visualizing the fretboard. I believe one of the key components that has improved my lead guitar work, and my songwriting in general, is working with chords. The biggest strides that I’ve made have come […]

Guitar Spotlight: Eos 2S0

By: Josh Lucas This is my favorite of the Spalted Maple crew, and I’m going to be honest–it’s specifically because of the looks. The curves of the Eos with the unpredictably beautiful look of spalted maple? Yes, please. I don’t think I’m the only one listening with my eyes, here. Almost everyone who buys one […]