Daily Tapping Warmup

By: Josh Lucas I’ll not waste any time, folks–let’s get right to it! Don’t be intimidated by this little two-handed technique–after all, chances are your strumming hand is your dominant hand, and not only that–piano players use this hand all the time. That means we can, too! In this video, I’ll break down tapping, and […]

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Here’s a mini guitar lesson with Josh![…]

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Tonewood Spotlight: Pau Ferro, Ebony, and Rosewood

By: Josh Lucas “I don’t usually like a light colored board, but I really like the way the grain and figure turned out on this one,” my friend Shannon said as he eyed the Pau Ferro fretboard on a Cybele 102 NAT. It’s true for me, too. I like the look of a pitch-black ebony […]

Visualizing Chord Shapes & Arpeggios Pt. 2: Inversions

By: Josh Lucas Visualizing Chord Shapes & Arpeggios Pt. 2: First Inversions So this time we’ll be doing a little extra work, since working with inversions is in many ways a review, and since as we’ll learn that not all inversions can be easily looped, there are only a few that I use as a […]

Which Pickup/Preamp Is Right For You?

We’re going to take a look at the features of each of the preamp systems we offer in our guitars. First we’ll take a look at what each one has, then we’ll talk about the advantages of either system. Edge Z Preamp $79.99 (stand-alone price; this unit is only available as a stock option on […]

I’ve been going crazy on my Freja lately! Now, I’ve got a pretty sweet guitar–the Freja 112 BV. I’ve grown to really love the looks of that guitar’s cutaway the most of all of our guitars, and I really love the guitar’s body style. To me, the Freja balances the volume and full bass of […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 112

By: Josh Lucas Three words come to mind to describe our flagship Freja 112: depth, dependability, and tone. It’s got the tonewoods you’ve grown to love and depend upon–rosewood back and sides and a solid spruce top. It’s got the reliability of a laminate back and sides, but it’s also got tone that you’d only […]

Tonewood Spotlight: Spanish Cedar

You may have noticed something slightly different about our necks. Not only do they feature a comfortable satin finish and Andrew’s specific C-Shape, but they also include Spanish Cedar as their featured tonewood. While Spanish Cedar is not unique to Andrew White Guitars, it’s still a question that comes up fairly often in discussion with […]