The Tone is in the Wood

Okay, so that’s not 100% accurate, but the truth is that every unique model we offer at Andrew White Guitars […]

Artec Preamps: Edge-Z and SHP-5

Some of you may be scratching your heads when you first look at our guitars– “Artec preamps? What are those?” […]

C Major/A minor Scale, Plus 3-notes-per-string Positions.

By: Josh Lucas 3 Notes per string scales will really get you ripping on lead guitar! In the document below, […]

Joyous Moments: The Pat Martino Effect

By: Josh Lucas The greatest talent that we all have is joy. What gives us joy is what we should […]

Josh’s Shred Zone: Alternate Picking

Here are several examples that can help your coordination with alternate picking. Alternate picking alternates “down, up” with each stroke. […]

Cybele and Eos 130 and 132 3 Tone Sunburst!

We’ve got a few of each of these models here at the store. Check ’em out now![…]

Learn to Play Jingle Bell Rock!

Hey all, Josh here. I arranged a classic here for two guitars. Hope everyone has a great holiday season![…]

Beyond Cowboy Chords: Triads and Inversions in C Major

Let’s take a look at 3 note chords and inversions in the key of C. This should help you move […]

The SHP-5’s Hidden Gain Control

Do you see that little blue screw? That’s the SHP-5’s hidden gain control for the microphone. If you don’t think […]