Tips & Tricks: Andrew White Guitars Gig Essentials Checklist

By: Josh Lucas Here’s a list of essential items for every gig! Stay tuned to our social media for a downloadable checklist. ⦁ Water ⦁ String cleaner & cloth ⦁ Full set of extra strings ⦁ Instrument ⦁ Backup Instrument ⦁ Amplifier ⦁ Strap, maybe an extra one ⦁ All your cables, plus at least […]

Lead Guitar: Creating Balance in your Solos

By: Josh Lucas Are you already pretty good at lead guitar? You know the notes and patterns, but have trouble creating “meaningful” solos that showcase your skills while at the same time showcasing the song? I think at some point we’ve all run into this rut, so I’m going to show you some quick tricks […]

The Fastest Way to Learn Anything on Guitar

By: Josh Lucas Isolating Elements We’re not doing chemistry here. By “isolating elements” I simply mean deconstructing every aspect of our guitar playing, and isolating each element that goes into it. This allows you to take something difficult and break it down into a few easy-to-do steps. Problem: I can’t play along with my favorite […]

Tonewood Spotlight: Indian Rosewood

I don’t know about you, but Indian Rosewood was my introduction to Tone (with a capital T, obviously). When I first got a spruce-topped dread with Indian Rosewood–just wow. I had played acoustic guitars before and had been relatively unimpressed. To be fair, though, I hadn’t tried anything especially great. That all changed about 8 […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 142

This guitar puts the best of Andrew White Guitars into an affordable package. Not only does quilted ash look absolutely striking, but it gives you a well balanced tone that brings out rich mids, and just enough lows and bite to help your guitar fill out and stand out in any mix. Our revered guitar […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 112 3TS

By: Josh Lucas The depth of tone in every Freja I’ve picked up is remarkable, and this one is no exception. Depth to each single note, chords that ring clear with great definition and separation, and the resonance of a big-bodied guitar. Honestly, if I can just blow the fourth wall straight down and level […]

Tonewood Spotlight: Maple

By: Josh Lucas One of the most well-rounded tonewoods, maple is often thought of as especially bright. While it is true that maple will add some sparkle to your tone, that’s far from being the whole story. Maple, in general, is not quite as hard as rosewood, and not quite as soft as mahogany. Softer […]

Tips From the Tech: Adjusting Your Truss Rod

By: Josh Lucas It’s important for all of us to become comfortable adjusting our truss rods, and doing minor setup work for our guitars. Unfortunately, I am terrified of damaging one of my most dear instruments. But I decided it’s time to at least get some guidance so that I can make sure my guitars […]

Guitar Spotlight: Cybele 1010CW

By: Josh Lucas Usually I pack my Freja 112BV for my lessons, but since I had band practice this Wednesday after work I had to bring my electric guitar with me.  On the bright side, this meant I got to try out one of our Cybele 1010CW models during lessons. The first thing I noticed […]