About Andrew White Guitars

Andrew White Guitars are the product of nearly two decades of research, experimentation, and refinement by designer and Luthier Andrew White. The results of this detailed experiment yielded; tone clarity, note separation, and articulation of sound. Andrew White Guitars offers four distinct avenues to engage guitars players and they are the; Luthier’s Collection, Deckers Creek Series, Signature Series, and Production Series.

The Luthiers Collection is hand crafted by Andrew White showcasing his custom one of a kind models and luxury features, these instruments are works of art that are intended to be played. The Deckers Creek Series is designed by Andrew White showcasing tried and true traditional designs with Andrew’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Next Andrew White Guitars offers the Signature Series which is the combination of Andrew White’s revolutionary body styles and traditional bracing, these guitars are internationally recognized for their style and performance. The fourth option Andrew White Guitars offers is the Production Series, which are factory manufactured guitars to the exact specifications of the Signature Series.

With these four options Andrew White Guitars has something to offer all players. His instruments are played by artist on the highest level of performance and you will find his work at events all over the world. With the addition of the Production Series we now offer boutique design at manufacturers pricing. We invite you to take a moment to explore our website. Andrew White Guitars has payments options and you can sign up for the newsletter to receive special pricing and seasonal opportunities.