Josh’s Top 5 Andrew White Guitars That Won’t Break Your Bank!

What’s up everyone, it’s Josh here at Andrew White Guitars. You know, a few of my friends have come to the shop and grabbed an Andrew White since I started working here. What surprised me the most was, despite them not being on a budget at the time, there was always one of our 100 […]

5 Practice Tips: How To Practice Guitar Efficiently

By: J. Dale Lucas I’ve heard people who are extremely efficient and organized referred to as “Type A.” If that’s the case, I am most certainly Type B, C, or even D (whatever any of that means). When it came to practice, I just did whatever felt right or whatever I needed to for a […]

Player’s Mentality 2: Making A Comeback

Hey everyone, welcome back to my little Guitar Philosophy section of the Andrew White Blog Library. In the last blog we talked about taking a break from the guitar, and how that can be a good thing. I don’t think it’s something you should do for very long, but it’s good to do often. Let’s […]

Developing a “Player’s Mentality”

By: J. Dale Lucas Sometimes when we pick up a guitar, it feels like we have superpowers. It’s not necessarily the sound–sometimes it’s just the feeling. On the other hand, sometimes we might feel like we’ve played ourselves into a total rut. I hate that feeling. That first feeling is the one that I want […]

Daily Tapping Warmup

By: Josh Lucas I’ll not waste any time, folks–let’s get right to it! Don’t be intimidated by this little two-handed technique–after all, chances are your strumming hand is your dominant hand, and not only that–piano players use this hand all the time. That means we can, too! In this video, I’ll break down tapping, and […]

The All New Freja 5030TS

The Freja 5030TS is currently only available through direct email. If you are interested in details and pricing please email[…]

Tonewood Spotlight: Blackwood

By: Josh Lucas I’ll be honest, this is the tonewood spotlight I’ve been itching to do since I started here at Andrew White Guitars. Before that, I was mainly an electric guitarist, and to be honest I think that’s still my forte. And you know what kinds of woods we electric guitarists are into: Mahogany, […]

Guitar Spotlight: Freja 2S2

By: Josh Lucas What can I say about the Freja 2S2 that doesn’t echo my prior reviews of our spalted maple guitars, or my reviews of our Freja guitars?  Well, in search of something new to say I went down a rabbit hole of Andrew White Guitars reviews on YouTube. I found some really great […]