Josh’s Top 5 Andrew White Guitars That Won’t Break Your Bank!

What’s up everyone, it’s Josh here at Andrew White Guitars.

You know, a few of my friends have come to the shop and grabbed an Andrew White since I started working here. What surprised me the most was, despite them not being on a budget at the time, there was always one of our 100 series guitars that they gravitated toward–even if it wasn’t the guitar that they would ultimately purchase.

I made a list of some of my favorite budget friendly guitars, and some that I’ve seen others gravitate toward. So let’s check those guitars out now!

5. Cybele 112 NAT

This guitar is your lap’s best friend, and it has the classic rosewood/spruce tone that we all know and love. Despite its small size, the Cybele 112 has a ton of volume at the expense of only a little bass. Of course, once you plug it in, the Edge Z preamp will let you manipulate the EQ to sound any way you like.

4. Eos 100

No preamp, no problem. I love the Eos’ curves, and I think the no-cutaway really accents what I love about them. Warm midrange from jatoba, and a snappy spruce top. This is a really balanced guitar, and don’t forget–if you want to plug it in, you can add an SHP-5 preamp for $100.

3. Cybele 110 3TS

Not the last sunburst on this list–because I love sunburst. But there’s something that just feels “Classic” about the Cybele 110 3TS. I just want to sit around and play some old blues licks on it. I love the no-cutaway aesthetic. Oh, and if you don’t notice me talking about how a guitar “plays” then listen–our tech Brandon sets up all of our guitars to play, so there’s not too much variation I’ve found in action and playability. They all play.

2. Eos 2S0

You know a 2S0 had to creep its way onto this list. Beautiful, and my favorite non-cutaway Eos body shape. This thing regularly goes on sale when it’s in stock–which isn’t usually for long. So it goes on this list!

1. Freja 112 3TS

The mack-daddy of them all, the Freja 112 3TS. I wasn’t a believer in the 100 series quality until I heard this guitar (don’t tell Andrew). I’m an all-solid-wood, made-in-the-usa snob–but then I played one of these last summer and was blown away. The depth, dynamic range–everything I look for in a guitar was there. Never forget–listen with your ears, not your eyes, and definitely not someone else’s opinion. Except mine. I’m legit. You can trust me.

All jokes aside folks, take the plunge on one of these guitars if you get a good deal. I’m so glad I’ve got the chance to play on all of these guitars over the past two years. It’s really opened my eyes to what tonewoods do, and how much better a guitar can sound when a craftsman doesn’t just follow a template from 100 years ago. Every guitar has its place, and I love each one more every day.

Take care.