Quick Fingerstyle Arpeggio Practice!

By: Josh Lucas Here’s a fairly easy warmup exercise that I do to get my right hand ready for fingerstyle playing. The trick is to be able to play 8th, and 16th notes evenly. I won’t go into detail on how to do that, and if you don’t know how to feel 8th or 16th […]

The title says it all! Here’s a good intro to 7th chords. These chords omit the 5th. Root, 3rd, 7th. Why omit the 5th? Because you can, and it still sounds like a 7th chord.[…]

Fingerstyle Jargon – What Are You Talking About?!

By: Andrew Aycoth If you haven’t tried fingerstyle yet, you should!  It can be intimidating at first, but it pays off in dividends over time.  Not only does it help create more nuanced textures in your playing, but it also adds one more toolset to your guitar arsenal for creating.  As with most new techniques, […]

Guitar Tips And Tricks: Technique Pt. 2 – Alternate Picking

Now that we’ve worked out your left hand, let’s get your right hand in shape! So what does “alternate picking” mean? It means each time you pick a note, you alternate between down and up-strokes. Down, up. Down, up. Etc. You get the picture? Okay, check out the PDF at the end of the article […]