Tapping Arpeggio Practice

By: Josh Lucas

Today we’re taking a little more of an advanced look at arpeggios. I’ve tried to break it down as simply as possible in the PDF file.

The first section, I just show the basic chord shapes that I outline. With my left hand, I’m holding down a Bminor chord for most of the examples. With my right hand, I outline a Bminor chord, then a D chord, then an F#minor Chord. Each measure is its own exercise to be repeated until it’s worked into your muscle memory.

Next we have a Bm7 arpeggio shape that I use a lot. You’ll need to get your left hand tapping solid to be able to pull this off, and I can’t think of any better way than–well–trying! As always, slowly with a metronome is the way to go.

Then we’ve got part of the pentatonic scale that we’ll be using. The cool thing is that it feels physically very similar to the Bm7 arpeggio you were outlining before, it just adds the note “E” into the mix, which gives a little more variety to the line you’ll be playing next.

Finally, we’ve got a song that I wrote for you to practice that uses all of the nuances we just practiced in all of those exercises. There are a couple of extras here, like tap-slides but if you practiced all of the exercises before, it should be no sweat!

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