Strap Button? What Strap Button?

So, we’ve had a lot of questions recently about our strap buttons–or lack thereof.

Our guitars come with a strap button at the butt of the guitar (like almost all acoustics do), but we don’t add the strap button at the guitar’s heel.

Well, why not?

I’m glad you asked.

The first, and simplest reason, is the same reason that we don’t have pickguards on our guitars–it’s a heck of a lot easier to put one on if you want it, than to take one off if you don’t want it.

Another reason–not everyone likes a strap button on the heel of their acoustic (which is where we recommend placing the strap button–more on that later). Some lead guitar players don’t like how the strap button feels when they’re playing in twelfth position, where their hand may rub against the strap and/or strap button.

So where on your guitar do you install a strap button if you want it?

We recommend placing the strap button on the guitar’s heel, on the treble (skinny string) side. This allows gravity to help keep the guitar strap in place, and gets it pretty much totally out of the way of your left hand.

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