Artec Preamps: Edge-Z and SHP-5

Some of you may be scratching your heads when you first look at our guitars–

“Artec preamps? What are those?”

Artec Sound is partnered with Andrew White Guitars, and supplies us with our electronic parts. Artec doesn’t just make acoustic preamps, but rather a variety of audio products which also includes magnetic pickups, effects pedals, and amplifiers.

The great thing about that is that our guitars come equipped with high quality, low noise preamps, each of which has its own advantages.

Edge Z

What makes this preamp great, aside from the sound quality coming from the under-saddle piezo pickup, is its integrated tuner. This preamp is installed on our “workhorse” guitars–our guitars designed for all the road warriors out there who need a reliable guitar and a preamp that’s easy to adjust on the fly.


While it can certainly handle a live show, the SHP-5 really shines when you need to hear every nuance and detail through your acoustic amp, PA System, or when recording. It’s especially good for solo performers, or more more controlled live environments, because it has both an under-saddle piezo pickup and an adjustable microphone. It will also give you great tone for your direct signal when recording, which you can combine with the other microphones in your arsenal for some stunning results.

Take a look at Artec’s website here to see all they have to offer.