The Tone is in the Wood

Okay, so that’s not 100% accurate, but the truth is that every unique model we offer at Andrew White Guitars shares similarities in bracing and construction with one another. In fact, every guitar is constructed as an exact replica of an Andrew White Custom Guitar. That’s why, with all other things being equal, we consider tonewoods to be an Andrew White guitar’s heart and soul.

So when it comes to selecting tonewoods, a lot of effort goes into making sure every piece of wood we use is as good as the next. While no two guitars or pieces of wood sound exactly the same, when we ensure that every material we use is of the highest quality available, it makes it easier for you to find your voice on each instrument–especially when buying online.

Whether you’re the type of player who listens for tone, or the type who listens with their eyes, there’s a high chance that you’ll love the guitar you selected. And if not, don’t forget that you have a 7 day trial period in which you can exchange your guitar for another model.