Beyond Cowboy Chords: Triads and Inversions in C Major

Let’s take a look at 3 note chords and inversions in the key of C. This should help you move into some new regions of the guitar!

Of course, the idea is to memorize where every chord and inversion is in the key. The material of this lesson will go hand-in-hand with your scale practice, which will help you memorize chords within the key of C, as well as help you learn where all of the notes are on the guitar. Check out this blog post for instruction on how to approach scales and learning notes.

Practice the chords slowly with a metronome. You don’t have to follow the rhythmic pattern displayed on the tab. The rhythms were arbitrarily set up, just so that the chords are easy to read. I recommend to simply practice changing chords first on every whole note, then half note, and then quarter note.

Don’t know what a quarter note, half note, or whole note are? Shoot me an e-mail at for a video demo of how to count and feel rhythms.

Here’s the PDF!