Spicy Gospel and Jazz Blues Progressions

Without doing a lot of talking about the theory side of things, let’s see if we can get your fingers […]

How to Hold A Note On Guitar

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Check this video out, and see if you’re getting the most tone you can […]

Strap Button? What Strap Button?

So, we’ve had a lot of questions recently about our strap buttons–or lack thereof. Our guitars come with a strap […]


“Didn’t expect this much guitar for the money!” That’s one of the most common reviews that we get on our […]

Intro to Tremolo

Pretty self-explanatory–Here are two simple tremolo patterns to get you started building this technique. Tremolo is common to Spanish guitar, […]

Daily Scale Sequence Warmup

By: Josh Lucas These are some scale sequence warmups that I do daily. For the picking patterns, I put the […]

Root Position 7th Chord Practice!

By: Josh Lucas Here’s another quick lesson that I originally made for one of my students. It should be a […]

Tapping Arpeggio Practice

By: Josh Lucas Today we’re taking a little more of an advanced look at arpeggios. I’ve tried to break it […]

Quick Fingerstyle Arpeggio Practice!

By: Josh Lucas Here’s a fairly easy warmup exercise that I do to get my right hand ready for fingerstyle […]