The Andrew White Workhorse Guitar

The Andrew White 112 series is a pure workhorse of an instrument; built to last, built for the gigging musician, and built for pure balance of tone and clarity. The 112 is available in all three of our guitar models: The Freja, Cybele, and Eos.

Our 112 series of guitars feature our Artec Sound Edge Z pickup system, a cutaway style body, a solid Sitka Spruce soundboard, and Rosewood back and sides. All of these parameters come together to form an instrument durable enough to power through any gig without sacrificing any tone quality. Basically what we’re trying to say is, this guitar is an absolute workhorse.

These instruments don’t just sound good, however, they are also stunning in appearance. Our Cybele and Freja models of the 112 come in a natural finish and a three-tone sunburst, which opens up more options for even the pickiest of buyers. To learn more about all of the models of 112, just click on the image above that piques your interest the most!