Which Pickup/Preamp Is Right For You?

We’re going to take a look at the features of each of the preamp systems we offer in our guitars. First we’ll take a look at what each one has, then we’ll talk about the advantages of either system.

Edge Z Preamp

$79.99 (stand-alone price; this unit is only available as a stock option on some of our guitars, or for sale as an individual unit)

– Volume control slider

– 3 band EQ

-Presence control

-Phase switch

-On Board Tuner

Under Saddle Piezo w/ Soundhole Preamp 5

Soundhole Preamp with Mic Blender

$100, can be added to any model that doesn’t come stock with electronics.

– Volume control slider

– Active Bass Booster switch

– Acoustic Amp Simulator switch

– Phase ‘anti feedback’ switch

– Battery check switch

– Mic blender slider

– Mic gain adjust pot


Now, obviously there are benefits to each system. First of all, the Edge-Z has a built-in tuner, making it ideal for small gigs. It also has plenty of tone-shaping features that will help you find your tone on a small PA setup. It’s got 3 band eq, presence, volume, and a phase switch.

One drawback is that we cannot install the Edge-Z system into a guitar that doesn’t already come stock with the Edge-Z. We can, however, add the SHP-5 to any guitar that doesn’t come stock with a preamp.

While both systems are geared toward performance, I think that the SHP-5 lends itself to bigger, or especially clear PA systems. The SHP-5 doesn’t have a built-in tuner, but chances are if are consistently running through a bigger PA, you’ll already have a tuner somewhere in your rig. With several noteworthy appointments to fine-tune your tone, the one that stands out to me is the mic blender slider. You can use the mic blender slider to blend the sound you’re getting from the SHP-5’s built-in mic with the sound you’re getting from the SHP-5’s piezo system located under the bridge of the guitar.

Depending on your needs either system will do you right. There’s a little more flexibility with the SHP-5, and a little more plug-and-play value with the Edge-Z.

We’ll have some videos coming with studio quality recordings so that you can put on your headphones and decide for yourself if you like the sound of one more than the other, or if you can even tell the difference! Look for those in the very near future.