Wayne Rowand’s 8 String Nylon

I think it was 1998. I was going to spend a summer in Spain after college. I knew 3 things: I wanted to build a guitar, I wanted to buy a hand built Nylon guitar while I was there, and Wayne Rowand was my friend and one of the best musician I knew then (and now). He was also my friend. He was one of the first folks  I said ‘I’m going to build a guitar’ to.    I talked to Wayne at length about what luthieries I should visit while I was thereand what wood choices I should look into while I was there. Wayne has been involved in most of the watershed moments here at Andrew White guitars.  Wayne’s feedback is always welcome and constructive.  I’m often asked ‘Who is the guy playing in your demos. Again. Wayne. Thanks man!


In 2003 Wayne and I collaborated on an 8 string Nylon with an innovative bridge/saddle design. So here’s something you may not know. All innovations aren’t winners. Sometimes they are learning opportunities. This guitar originally featured a Rosewood bridge with the nylon strings stretched across polished steel pins. Looked AWESOME! Sounded really bright and metallic. We retrofitted a bone saddle and all was right with the world. I love the green purfling and boxwood binding. The Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides were amazing. I’m still very proud of this guitar and grateful for the friends and mentors that I have met and known along this journey.

Check out this Slide show of Wayne’s guitar!