Tips From the Tech

It’s important to remember that dry conditions (like the winters here in Morgantown) require us to make sure our guitars are getting enough moisture! One thing you can do is make sure your guitar stays in its case when you’re not shredding. Unfortunately, most of the time that’s not enough. We always recommend using a guitar humidifier to keep your guitar from cracking, the wood parts from shifting, and worst of all–from bad action (a nightmare).

Here in the accessories section of our online shop we sell Music Nomad’s guitar humidifier called the “Soundhole Humitar,” and to use it is actually very simple.

Immerse the unit’s sponge in a bowl of water so that it is damp, but not dripping wet. Then put the sponge back into the Humitar and place the unit between your D and G strings, into the soundhole. Leave the guitar in its case. As it says on the unit itself, wet the sponge if it dries out and hardens.

I hope this helps, and whatever humidifier you choose, don’t let your guitars go thirsty!