In the shop: Nylon String Baritone Build!

I just found some photos of an amazing build I did a few years back. I was asked to build a Nylon string baritone guitar. The guitar presented some unique challenges. Chiefly how would I get the long scale nylon strings to meet my standards. Baritone Nylon string guitars sounded, in my experience, muddy and unclean. Andrew White Guitars are known for being articulate with great string to string note separation.  I based all my design decisions on creating a Nylon baritone that met my expectations. I chose to use a 7 foot radius back with Indian Rosewood to tighten up the low register. The customer wanted a Western Red Cedar Sound board. I braced that soundboard with hand split Red Spruce in an asymmetrical lattice brace pattern, again to tighten up the low end. I love the leaf motif in the sound hole. That allowed me to make the sound hole slightly under sized. I used this to limit airflow. Again in an effort to eliminate a muddy and floppy low end. I love the way this guitar sounds. All the thought and experience came to light. It truly is an articulate guitar and I’m proud to have built it.