The “Arcing Body Profile”. Elegance in Acoustics.

As many of you know, I’ve been building unique, custom instruments that push the limits of traditional design for over 17 years now. I built my first guitar in 1999, working only from a guitar building book written by William Cumpiano. After completion of my first instrument, it was clear to me that I needed […]

Wayne Rowand Demonstrates an Andrew White Cybele 133 MP NAT

  Wayne Rowand demos a AWG Cybele 133MP NAT.[…]

2016 Top Gear: The Year in Acoustic Guitars, Amps & Accessories

From the December 2016 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY GREG CAHILL Exerpt below: Read the full article HERE   HIGH-END GUITARS ($1,500–$5,000) At first blush, Andrew White’s Cybele 1013W, which takes its name from the Greek goddess of nature, seems like a study in contradictions. With its stylish profile, the guitar has a modern look, but […]