Guitar Spotlight: Freja 112BV

By: Josh Lucas

So, each of the staff here at Andrew White Guitars got to pick out a 100 series instrument to take home for a holiday bonus. In Andrew’s words, “We’ve just gotta get an Andrew White guitar in your hands already.”

By far the best Holiday bonus I’ve got, like, ever.

So I thought, “Well, what’s the sweetest 100 series we’ve got?” and remembered we just got a shipment of many hundreds of guitars! The Freja 112BV had been out of stock for a while, so it instantly came to mind.

For my gigs, even acoustic gigs, I need a well-rounded guitar that can handle anything I throw at it, and I needed an acoustic that has electronics. Also, when it comes to longer gigs, the square shoulder of my dreadnought gets to be something that I’ve gotten used to rather than something I love. A little bevel goes a long way.

This guitar has both clarity and warmth thanks to the rosewood back and sides, and the solid sitka spruce top gives all the punch and projection you can ask for. I kept hitting notes harder and harder, but the guitar doesn’t seem to have a ceiling when it comes to volume–just louder, yet still clear notes, as you up the dynamics.

I recently got to play a gig with the guitar and test out the Artec Edge Z Preamp. Its controls are simple, and overall it can be compared to most acoustic preamps in this price range. The EQ works just as it should and is simple to dial in, and the built in tuner functions soundly. I’ve never had an acoustic-electric with a built-in tuner, so I had to remind myself that I no longer had to step on a pedal or search out one of my bandmates’ clip-on tuners.

Recording with this guitar was a treat. Not only did it give us a direct-in source to tone shape, but the guitar acoustically sounded lush and full, with depth to every note and chord that I’ve only heard from our Freja models. It’s actually nice to have a guitar that carries the weight of my dreadnought, but with a little added size and clarity. Combine those traits with that of the tried-and-true tonewoods of Sitka Spruce on Rosewood, and it’s easy to see why it would be a go-to for recording.

I couldn’t be happier to have received this gift! I can’t wait to record some music on it to share the tone with everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday, and good luck to you in the new year.