Eye Candy! Western Red Cedar and Mahogany Model E Cutaway!

Another very interesting build!  I was doing some experimentation with this guitar! All in all it was a wonderful instrument with Red Cedar on the Soundboard and Honduran Mahogany for the back and sides.

This guitar had Curly Maple Binding on the body, fretboard, and headstock. And the fretboard, bridge and headstock veneer were all solid Ebony.

Mahogany is a fantastic wood for the back and sides of a guitar.  Its a fairly clean looking wood, but this gives us a good opportunity to focus on the body shape of the Model C. The Model C was the inspiration for our Production Series Cybele models.

To match the Curly Koa on the Binding on the body, headstock, and fretboard, I choose Curly Koa for the Rosette as well.  Simple, clean and understated.

At this time, I was experimenting with wood densities in the neck of a guitar. Some theories circulate that the best thing you can do to improve an acoustic guitar is to increase the density of the neck. The idea is that lowering the vibration of the neck will allow that energy to stay in the wood of the body of the guitar. This should increase sustain and overall projection.  In this case, I was using hard Maple, which is pretty heavy, with laminations of Mahogany to increase stiffness and match the back of the guitar.  At the end of the day, I don’t believe it made a major impact on the projection of the instrument, but, all the little things do add up to making a great acoustic guitar.