Ask Andrew

Hello there!

“Ask Andrew” is something that we often do in our newsletter, where I answer any questions you may have about guitars. I decided moving this type of thing over to our blog, so that everyone could read it was a good idea.

This weeks questions comes from Jake who asks “What do you find to be the most important aspect of guitar care and upkeep?”

Great question, Jake! Taking care of your guitar is critical to ensuring the longevity of the instrument. But, it isn’t just important for the guitar, it’s important for the player to best understand the state of the instrument in order to be able to use that instrument as best as possible. By keeping up with the state of your instrument, you are also keeping up your relationship with the instrument. Keeping the instrument in its case, in a climate controlled environment, and humidifying the instrument when needed is probably the most crucial piece of care a person really must do. But keeping up with the climate and humidity of the instrument also provides excellent feedback for the player. When you are aware of the state of the guitar, you will become aware of the mood of the guitar, what it wants to play and where it is excelling.  This will enable you to allow the instrument to inspire you into new musical ventures from time to time. Another very nice thing to become familiar with is the truss rod.  For players who are comfortable adjusting the truss rod, I suggest very regular adjustments rather than setting it and leaving it for months on end.  Again, this is more to raise the level of awareness of how the guitar is behaving and responding in hopes to find where you are most comfortable, and most inspired by this instrument.

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