Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Kit


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The Ultimate Professional Grade Five-piece Care Pak for Stringed Instruments

The Ultimate Professional Grade Five-piece Care Pak contains one each of our most popular items to care for stringed instruments. The Guitar ONE is an All in 1 cleaner, polish and wax for everyday cleaning. The Guitar Polish is for deeper cleaning and polishing to restore and revive dull, hazy, scratched and scuffed finishes. It also removes oxidation from guitar hardware. Our Fretboard F-ONE Oil helps clean & condition the fretboard. We include 2 premium quality microfiber towels.

Products are used worldwide by Musicians, Repair Techs, Luthiers, and Collectors

Polishes are safe on all guitar finishes including Nitrocellulose- Each bottle has 4 oz.

Fretboard Oil uses 100% Natural Oils and safe on all unfinished Fret boards – 2 oz.

Microfiber Towels are lint free, high quality, and washable – Each Towel is 16″ x 12″ and have stitch free edging


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