Tips From the Tech: Use a Case!

By: Josh Lucas

If I sound like a broken record, it’s because there are few more important tips I can give than, “Use a case!”

Soft case, hard case–the important thing is that you protect your guitar, as much as possible, from air, weather, and humidity.

Nothing stresses me out more than a new student showing up to lessons with an acoustic guitar and no case. Well, I lied, because it’s happened that I’ve had students show up with a piping hot guitar, fresh out of the car in the summertime, with no case, and strings from the late 70s. It’s awfully concerning, and it’s not uncommon.

Hey, things happen. Sort of. But try not to kill your guitar.

Use a case, because it will help protect your guitar from extreme heat and cold. Our soft cases fit any Andrew White Guitars model, or you can get a form-fitted hard case for your specific model.

Please, use a case.

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