Alessio Ghirlanda
“I’m writing to you to inform you that I received the guitar this morning.
It’s simply unbelievable. It is incredibly easy to play, as the action is perfectly set and the neck is most comfortable. Sounds are well-balanced, and they mix up together creating textures I simply didn’t think could come out from an instrument.Clean and bright trebles and middles, soft and sorrounding basses. It’s such as I played an organ! I don’t know how to thank you for the attention you paid
at this guitar. You are amazing! I can see the passion and the love in any detail of my new baby, from the crop circles to the smooth wood, from the sweet sound to the amazing esthetics. Thanks!!
Much thanks ~ Alessio

Dan Effland
” The guitar played beautifully. The sound was inspiring!” -Dan Effland

John Shaw
” My White guitar is the easiest to play nylon stringed-guitar I have ever tried. The sound projection in general, and the bass response in particular, are amazing. The wood appointments are exquisite. The guitar rates a 10 in all categories.”

Matt Umanov Guitars
A.J White is one of the brightest lights on the guitar making scene in years. The tone is bold and clear, and the workmanship superb. A maker whom we believe to be better than excellent. -Matt Umanov Guitars

Roger Hoard
” The guitar had great volume and balance and really impressed me. I was amazed at the amount of bass in that guitar! I am a big fan of the solo guitar thing and I was knocked out by your guitar. You are to be comended for your workmanship and obvious talent”

Don Alder -Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitarist
” I recently got to try an Andrew White guitar. The stylin little guitar had a huge sound, balanced and easy to play with expression. Andrew is quite young but builds with the integrity of a
seasoned luthier. His originality puts him in a class of his own. I hope to be playing another White guitar very soon.”

Wayne Rowand – 8 string fingerstyle guitarist

….”Andrews guitars feature a uniqueness and attention to detail second to none. From the moment I picked out the lumber I knew i was in the presence of a consumate craftsman. Andrew builds using his own ideas but also with the input of the player. My 8 string guitar was taylored in every way to my specifications…..from the carving of the neck to the details of purfling and machines.In just over one year this instrument has opened up to produce a sound I could have only dreamed about. The trebles produce a wonderful lyrical tone, clean and clear. The basses are round and focused, not tubby as on other 8 strings i’ve played, giving great support.. The only problem I have with his guitar is now i want another White Guitar…… this time in cedar.
Thanks Andrew for building my baby !!.”……