Strategies for the Dreaded Spousal “NO”

Andrews “Top Ten” Strategies for the Dreaded “Spousal No!”

The team and I hear it via chat and on the phone all the time.  Things like, “Andrew, I really want the Freja 100BV, but I’m getting “the look” every time I mention it.”

No worries.  There are ways to handle these things.  

  1. There are things your significant other just doesn’t need to know about.  (OK, this can have consequences, but they’re usually temporary.)
  2. Explain that this guitar appreciates in value, and you’re doing it for    retirement purposes.
  3. Same as number two, but it’s for the kids’ college fund. 
  4. Pout.
  5. Flowers/dinner/wine or game tickets/pizza/beer.  (gender specific)
  6. If they’ll buy it for you for Christmas/Birthday/4th of July, you’ll reciprocate in kind. (And, don’t forget!)
  7. This is the guitar that will get you discovered.  Riches for all!
  8. Cry.
  9. Remind them of the time they bought a very expensive ________ without saying a word to you.
  10. Post your desire on social media and let your friends help with the pressure campaign.