Guitar Spotlight: D1050

What’s your favorite dreadnought? Chances are we’ve all played one, and some of us are lucky enough to have loved at least one.

So, a little history–those of you who know, I’m sorry if this is redundant–the dreadnought guitar gets its name from a 20th century battleship that was only equipped with large caliber guns, which in turn got its name from a heavy wool garment that was meant to defend its wearer against storm and cold.

A fitting name for the guitar, right? The warm, resonant tone of this body style seems to encapsulate these qualities no matter the tonewood. That being said, let’s focus on this D1050!

If you’ve already read my blog on Waterfall Sapele, you know that Sapele back and sides will give you a beautiful, roomy, resonant sound that’s a bit less bass focused than its rosewood twin.

That doesn’t mean the guitar’s lacking in bass by any means–rather, its sound is balanced across the entire spectrum, compared to rosewood’s tendency (in this body style) to accent the lows and highs. The result is a woody, well balanced tone that you can still feel growl and resonate against your body.

I’m impressed by this guitar’s sound as a new instrument, as we all know a guitar opens up with age. I can’t wait to hear a well-loved D1050 10 or more years from now.