On the Bench – Model E Curly Koa

Thought I would shoot out some photos of the latest model I’m building for the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. The Model E is the mid sized signature model that I build.  It has a lower bout of 16″, which is similar to the lower bout of most Dreadnoughts.  This is not your average mid sized guitar.  With a larger lower bout and the tight waist, you get a nice articulate instrument, with excellent separation from note to note and a nice full low end.  This model is very well balanced from high to lows.  These attributes make this a finger style champion.  And on this particular guitar, the soundboard is Sitka Spruce so it will make a wonderful strummer.   

If you were not aware, the Model E is the instrument we base the design of the Eos model in our Production Series.  The production series instruments are built exactly to the same spec that I build my hand built instruments.  The model E has a modified scalloped X bracing on the soundboard and ladder bracing on the back. 

Here are a few photos of the body just before finish.  The figure in the Koa will really pop and the color will deepen under finish.   Going to be a simply gorgeous guitar indeed.  This model and 3 other instruments will be available at the show and after that, they are up for grabs.  Let me know if you have some interest or questions.  I’m happy to provide more details.