The first ‘F’reja!

I can’t believe I found this guitar again! This is the first model F. The custom model F’s eventually grew into our Production Series Freja Guitars. I also found some youtube videos of Andy McKee killing it on this guitar. No flowery language needed; specs, pics, and videos. My Fav!   Solid Cedar Soundboard Solid Mahogany […]

Santa Barbara Guitar Show L-00

              Handbuilt L-OO available!   This guitar was handbuilt for the Santa Barbara Guitar show in 2016 to demonstrate the quality of our Production Series guitars and features a soundboard that was pulled out of normal stock in our production facility. The result is an attitude-laden box that growls the […]

Sunburst Model E: What’s with the offset sound hole and asymmetrical bridge?

How’s it going this week? Thanks for stopping by! So let’s look into this Model E. I see three things note worthy here. I see the obvious offset sound hole, side sound hole, and the subtle evolution of the Andrew White Guitars asymmetrical bridge. Lets talk about the sound holes first: – The side sound hole is […]