My Holiday Wish List

By: Josh Lucas

It’s simple. Won’t somebody just buy me an EOS 1013 or 1013C already? They both sound and look awesome, and I usually play one or the other in my lessons.

I mean, nobody actually has to–I’ll get one eventually. I don’t know what it is, but despite all the beautiful guitars that have come through the shop, these models have been my favorite. There’s something in the tried-and-true simplicity of an Indian Rosewood body paired with the unique voice of each of these tops. For me, both offer just the right amount of clarity, projection, and bass.

Of course, I’d have to ask our tech to install one of our preamps–that way I can have an all solid-wood acoustic guitar that I can use in a variety of situations.

These guitars are on sale right now, so we’ll see what I can weasel my way into this Holiday Season!

What’s on your list this year?