Guitar Spotlight: Eos 112 NAT

Check out the Eos 112 Nat right here!

By: Josh Lucas

Ah, the Eos 112. This was the first guitar I picked up when I came to the shop to do a video for  part of my instructional video series that is available through our online lessons platform.

You already know what you’re getting with the Spruce/Rosewood combo. Rich bass, slightly hollow midrange, and a crisp top end with plenty of pop.

The Eos bodystyle already lends itself to extra clarity due to, among other things, the tight and attractive waist of the guitar (the first thing I noticed about the EOS). But why choose this particular model?

First of all, if you are a fingerpicker, but you like a 1 11/16” nut (I personally do)–this is the guitar for you. The guitar also maintains a well-balanced tone, and has the ability to pop out when needed due to the spruce top. 

The Eos 112 sits between a 000 and a Dreadnought in terms of size. It’s quite comfortable, as our Cybele 112 models are, but the bottom end feels and sounds just a touch bigger. 

I played a variety of styles/songs on the EOS, and while it definitely excels with fingerpicking, I also really enjoy the guitar when playing through some 70s jazz fusion classics like “Thousand Island Park” by Mahavishnu Orchestra. 

When I’m using the acoustic amp at the shop, I can coax an absolutely unbelievable tone out of this thing. It allows me to really accentuate the frequencies that I hear when playing the guitar acoustically, and bring out the best in this beast.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said it, but I’ve got to get myself an Eos–that’s definitely going to be my next pick-up! And for many reasons from stability, to tone, and versatility to name a few, the Eos 112 is a major contender. If you want an Andrew White guitar, try one risk free today.