Guess who got married?

To say this was a perfect day just doesn’t do it justice!  It was more than perfect in every way. The wedding was held on a farm just out side of Deep Creek, Maryland, April 29, 2017.  I’m a very thankful man, indeed, to have such a wonderful woman by my side.

Erica, my bride, is a PATH Certified therapist working to help people with disabilities using horses as a means of therapy.  One of the things they do is take this little mini horse, Stormy, into childrens hospitals to give sick kids a little pick me up.  On our big day, Stormy, along with my Nephew, Ben, brought us the rings!

Erica’s dad, Rob, brought her to the ceremony in this amazing old Triumph.  What a spectacle this was!

There I am, waiting to see my bride for the very first time.

And there she was, Amazing! All I can say is what a lucky man I am.

We wrote our own vows, and Erica even pointed out in the vows how she appreciates my ridiculous attention to the tiniest of details.  She sees it in my guitars and evidently I plate our meals for dinner with exacting precision.  (I like things to look good 😉 )

I think she was taking a few pokes at how it might not be that easy to deal with all the time.

A nice shot of me and Erica with the groomsmen behind.

Look at her! Just stunning! I love this woman.

About 1 minute a married couple. Could not have been more happy

All of our closest friends and family to stand with us in celebration.  And then we partied way too late!

The Bride and Groom in a 60’s Baby Blue Triumph, What a wonderful way to start a life together.