Gary Antol Freja 100 Demo

I had Gary in to record a demo of the Freja 100. I like this guitar. I like it a lot. It represents so much of what this endeavor is about. When I started this I really wanted to bring the evolution of the acoustic guitar to the entire world. I knew I couldn’t do that one guitar at a time: The Production Series was born.

When I got the first shipment of Production Series guitars I thought I needed to have guitars in every guitar shop around the country. I spent countless hours driving to brick and mortar shops all over the east coast.  I took one guitar with me, a Freja 100.

I put my guitar heads up against guitars made in Nazareth PA, Bozeman MT, El Cajon CA (andMexico). What I heard from the sales staff at all those places was that the Freja was as good or better than the other guitars until we got to 2 or 3 times the price point and even then it was a subjective difference. Even though most of those shops didn’t end up hanging my guitars in their acoustic rooms because of contractual obligations to other companies, their sales staffs confirmed what I already knew. You can’t spend your guitar dollar more wisely anywhere else.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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