Custom Crop Circle Freja!

The crop circle theme all started with a guitar I built for Kaki King. We’ve done a post on that guitar so you may have seen it. I had to make some adjustments for the crop circle soundholes to fit the Model F cutaway, but I think it came together beautifully.  This guitar was built for a long time customer of mine, Stephen, who is the proud owner of 3 really amazing custom guitars of mine.

Aside from the very cool design theme, there are some other nice appointments and wood options on this guitar.

Here you can see the bridge has the asymmetric shape similar to our Production Series guitars, but this one is a bit larger and has a unique design to hold the strings in place, and to ensure the bridge is properly adhered to the sound board. I’ve used 6 stainless steel pins that anchor the ball end of the string, and that go all the way through the sound board and bridge plate.

A very nice shot of the sound port cut into the Brazilian Rosewood sides with Curly Koa wood binding.

What a nice shot of the cutaway with the Signature Florentine cutaway that you really will only see on one of my guitars.

The heel of the neck.  A laminated 5 piece mahogany neck. Super stable!

What an amazing set of Brazilian Rosewood on the back of this guitar. Just absolutely beautiful.  They say Brazilian Rosewood is the “Holy Grail” of guitar tone wood.  And I have to admit that their really is something special about this wood.

A nice shot of the sides coming together at the end pin.

The inlay in Brazilian Rosewood on the headstock. Notice the truss rod cover plate.


And check out those tuning buttons that match the Curly Koa Binding. Curly Koa tuning buttons…. So….. Nice